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Animatronic Facebank Money Pot

Animatronic Facebank Money Pot

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The animatronic Facebank money pot is a unique and entertaining way to save your money. This money pot features a face with expressive eyes and a mouth that opens and closes as you feed it coins or bills.

Made from high-quality materials, the Facebank money pot is durable and built to last. The animatronic face adds a fun and interactive element to the traditional piggy bank concept, making saving money a playful and enjoyable experience.

To use the Facebank money pot, simply place your coins or bills in front of the face, and it will automatically detect and "eat" them. The mouth opens wide, and the eyes light up as it chews and swallows your money. This motion and sound effect make saving money a fun and rewarding activity.

The money pot is designed with a secure and easy-to-access coin slot on the top, allowing you to deposit your money without any hassle. When it's time to retrieve your savings, there is a convenient twist-off bottom that provides easy access to your stored coins or bills.

The Facebank money pot is not only a functional savings tool but also a decorative piece. The expressive face and vibrant colours make it a charming addition to any room or desk. It can serve as a conversation starter or a unique gift for both kids and adults.

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