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Dinosaur Stair Climbing Electronic Race Track for Kids

Dinosaur Stair Climbing Electronic Race Track for Kids

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The Dinosaur Stair Climb Race Track Toy is an exciting and interactive playset that will transport your child back to the prehistoric era. This unique toy combines the thrill of racing with the fascination of dinosaurs, creating an unforgettable playtime experience.

The set includes a sturdy and colourful race track that features a series of stairs, allowing the dinosaurs to climb and race against each other.

Accompanying the race track are three vibrant and detailed dinosaur figures. Each dinosaur is equipped with special features that make them come to life. The star of the show is the T rex whose back doubles as the staircase. Additionally, its mouth opens and closes, and its tiny arms move up and down, adding an extra touch of excitement to the race.

To enhance the overall experience, the toy also plays catchy and upbeat music, creating a lively atmosphere that will keep your child engaged and entertained. The music adds an element of fun and excitement, making the race even more thrilling.

This toy not only provides endless hours of entertainment but also promotes imaginative play and hand-eye coordination. As your child sets up the race track, places the dinosaurs on the starting line, and watches them go, they will develop their problem-solving skills and creativity.

The Dinosaur Stair Climb Race Track Toy is the perfect gift for any dinosaur enthusiast or young adventurer. With its dynamic features, vibrant colours, and engaging music, it guarantees an action-packed and memorable playtime experience. Let your child's imagination run wild as they embark on thrilling races with these incredible dinosaurs.

Requires 3 x AA Batteries (Not included)

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