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Ceramic Essential Oil Mist Diffuser

Ceramic Essential Oil Mist Diffuser

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The Ceramic Essential Oil Mist Diffuser is a stylish and functional mist fragrance oil diffuser. Designed to enhance your living space. With the calming benefits of aromatherapy. Crafted from high quality ceramic. This diffuser boasts a sleek and elegant design.

With a generous 80ml capacity, this mist diffuser can effectively disperse your favorite essential oils throughout the room. So you can create a calming and spa like atmosphere. The compact size of 170mm x 115mm makes it perfect for placing on a bedside table, desk, or any small space.

Using advanced ultrasonic technology. This mist fragrance oil diffuser also operates quietly. Whilst creating a peaceful environment to relax. Also great for meditation, or even a good night's sleep. So just add water and a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the diffuser. And it will release a fine mist that carries the therapeutic properties of the oils into the air.

The Ceramic Essential Oil Mist Diffuser is not only a functional device. But also a stunning decorative piece. That also adds a touch of a spa to your home. Its durable construction ensures long lasting performance. While the easy to clean design also makes maintenance a breeze.

So experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Whilst you transform your living space into a serene oasis. With the Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser.

  • 80ml capacity
  • 170mm x 115mm
  • USB powered

*Does not include oils

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