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Montessori Toy Car Busy Board

Montessori Toy Car Busy Board

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The Montessori toy car busy board is a unique and interactive toy designed to engage and entertain young children. This toy features a wooden board with various elements and activities that mimic the features of a real car.

The busy board includes a steering wheel that children can turn, providing them with a sense of control and promoting their fine motor skills. It also features buttons and switches that produce different sounds and lights, allowing children to explore cause and effect relationships and develop their auditory and sensory skills.

Additionally, the busy board includes a set of keys and a lock, encouraging children to practice their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills as they try to unlock and lock the car. There is also a set of gears or levers that children can manipulate, promoting their understanding of cause and effect relationships and enhancing their cognitive development.





Product material: Basswood plywood

Product Weight: about 780g

Product Size: about 30cmx19cm

Product Name: Car Busy Board


Certification: Europe certified (CE)

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