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Dear Cece

Ex Lover Revenge Voodoo Doll - Break Up Gift

Ex Lover Revenge Voodoo Doll - Break Up Gift

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Got an ex who left you fuming? Channel those post-breakup vibes into something a little more fun with our novelty Ex Lover Revenge Voodoo Doll! Perfect for anyone needing a lighthearted way to deal with a breakup, this voodoo doll turns heartache into humour.

Why You'll Love the Ex Lover Revenge Voodoo Doll - Break Up Gift:

  • Quirky Design: Features an ex-shaped figure with amusing details, perfect for symbolically targeting all those ex-induced annoyances.
  • Pin-Pointed Catharsis: Comes with a set of pins to address specific grievances like "Forgot Anniversaries," "Left the Toilet Seat Up," and "Ghosted on Texts."
  • Stress Relief: Poking a few pins into your doll can be surprisingly therapeutic. Also offering a playful way to release pent-up frustrations.
  • Humorous Decor: This cheeky doll also makes for a hilarious addition to your home or office, guaranteed to spark laughter and maybe even a few stories.
  • Perfect Breakup Gift: An ideal novelty gift for friends going through a breakup, helping them find some humor in heartache. Great for divorce parties, "just got dumped" care packages, or anti-Valentine's Day celebrations.
  • Harmless Fun: All in good fun! This break up voodoo doll is about laughter and stress relief, not actual curses or hexes.

So transform post-breakup blues into giggles with our novelty gift, Ex Lover Revenge Voodoo Doll. Because when life gives you lemons, sometimes you just need to poke a few pins!


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