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Dear Cece

Inverted Upside Down Wine Glass

Inverted Upside Down Wine Glass

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Turn your world upside down – literally – with our Inverted Upside Down Wine Glass! 🍷🔄

Forget everything you thought you knew about wine glasses. Because this bad boy defies gravity with flair. Picture this: a sleek stem topped with a classic wine glass bowl, but flip it over, and voila! Your wine floats weightlessly atop its base, defying all laws of physics in the most delightful way possible.

Sure, it may look like your vino is doing a headstand. But fear not – every sip is as smooth and satisfying as if poured from a traditional glass. Plus, the Inverted Upside Down Wine Glass design adds an extra dash of whimsy to your wine-drinking experience, making it the perfect conversation starter at your next soirée.

Crafted from high-quality glass. This gravity defying Inverted Upside Down Wine Glass isn't just a party trick. It's a statement piece for the wine aficionado who's not afraid to shake things up. So go ahead, grab a bottle of your finest vintage, and prepare to turn your wine game upside down. Quite literally!

  • As seen on TikTok
  • 375ml capacity
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