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Dear Cece

Salem Girls Trip Witch T-shirt

Salem Girls Trip Witch T-shirt

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The Salem Girls Trip Witch T-Shirt is Here to Stir Up Some Fun!

Ready to take your girls' trip to a magical new level? Whether you're heading to the witchy streets of Salem this halloween. Or just channeling your inner sorceress at brunch, the Salem Girls Trip Witch T-Shirt is the ultimate wardrobe spell. It's not just a tee; it's your ticket to a bewitching adventure with your besties.

Key Features:

  • Bewitching Design: Featuring a whimsical witch hat and broomstick, along with the enchanting phrase “Salem Girls Trip.” It's perfect for casting spells and slaying style at the same time.
  • Sorcery Soft: Crafted from 100% Enchanted Cotton. So soft, it feels like it’s been spun by mystical creatures. Comfortable enough for a night of cackling or a day of hexing.
  • Magical Fit: Available in sizes ranging from "Petite Pixie" to "Grand High Witch." No need for a fitting spell; we’ve got every witch covered.
  • Cauldron-Ready Colors: Comes in classic black (of course) and other spellbinding hues. Because every witch knows black is the new black, but options are a girl’s best friend.

This Halloween Gift is Perfect For:

  • Girls' halloween trips to Salem, where the air is thick with history and the ghost tours are to die for.
  • Halloween parties where your squad wants to make an entrance more legendary than the Sanderson sisters.
  • Casual Fridays at work, where you subtly remind everyone you’re just a hex away from a good time.
  • Any occasion where you want to show off your witchy side without having to actually ride a broomstick.

Grab your broomstick, gather your coven, and get ready to enchant the town with the Salem Girls Trip Witch T-Shirt. It’s the perfect blend of charm and cheek, ensuring your trip is as magical as a full moon on Halloween night.

Disclaimer: May cause spontaneous spell-casting, uncontrollable cackling, and a sudden urge to read up on witch history. Not responsible for any magical mishaps.


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