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Travel Quiet Book for Toddlers - Learning Educational Book

Travel Quiet Book for Toddlers - Learning Educational Book

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Introducing the Travel Quiet Book for Toddlers, the ultimate sensory experience. Designed to keep little ones engaged and entertained on the go! This interactive fabric book is filled with a variety of tactile activities and quiet play opportunities. That are also perfect for travel and quiet time.

 Available in two engaging variations: Daily Life and Logic! Designed to provide a sensory-rich experience for little ones on the go. Each version offers a unique set of activities and themes to keep toddlers entertained and engaged.

The Daily Life edition of the Travel Quiet Book features interactive pages. Showcasing everyday activities and objects that toddlers encounter in their daily lives. From brushing teeth to getting dressed, this variation encourages role-playing and familiarity with common routines.

On the other hand, the Logic edition of the Travel Quiet Book focuses on puzzles, patterns, and problem-solving activities. To stimulate critical thinking and cognitive skills in young children. With challenges like matching shapes, sequencing numbers, and solving puzzles, this variation also promotes logical reasoning and analytical thinking.

Both variations of the Travel Quiet Book are lightweight, durable, and compact, making them perfect for travel adventures and quiet playtime. So spark your toddler's imagination and cognitive development with the Travel Quiet Book in Daily Life and Logic variations – the ultimate travel companions for interactive and engaging play!

So keep your toddler engaged and entertained with the Travel Quiet Book for Toddlers – the perfect travel companion for quiet and interactive play!


  • Recommend Age: 3-6y
  • Size: 21.5*14.5*1.5cm


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