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Dear Cece

Underestimate Me Feminist Gym Vest Top

Underestimate Me Feminist Gym Vest Top

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Introducing the Underestimate Me Feminist Gym Vest Top: The Ultimate Power Move in Workout Wear!

Ever feel like the patriarchy is a little too heavy on your shoulders? Lift it off in style with our Underestimate Me Feminist Gym Vest Top! This isn’t just a vest; it’s a wearable mic drop.

Key Features:

  • Power Fabric: Made from 100% Unapologetic Cotton-Blend. Soft enough to feel like a hug from your favorite feminist icon, strong enough to withstand the weight of the glass ceiling you're shattering.
  • Statement Design: Boldly emblazoned with "Underestimate Me. That’ll Be Fun." across the front. Because nothing says "watch me crush your low expectations" like a sassy slogan.
  • Fit for Queens: Available in sizes that celebrate every body, from "Determined" to "Unstoppable". Remember, the only thing that should be shrinking is the gender pay gap.
  • Sweat-Wicking Magic: Keeps you dry while you sweat for equality. The only drip here is your unwavering confidence.

Perfect For:

  • Smashing the patriarchy between sets of squats.
  • Debating pay equity while doing planks.
  • Leading the charge in gender equality, one burpee at a time.
  • Making heads turn faster than you can say "intersectionality".

So, whether you're lifting weights or lifting up women, do it in style with the Underestimate Me Feminist Gym Vest Top. After all, who run the world? You, in this vest.

Disclaimer: May cause spontaneous bursts of empowerment and feminist discourse. Handle with care and unshakeable confidence.


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