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6 Colour Fluffy Unicorn Ball-point Pen - 2 piece set

6 Colour Fluffy Unicorn Ball-point Pen - 2 piece set

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The 2PCS 6 Colour Fluffy Unicorn Ball-point Pen is the perfect back to school gift! Each set includes two pens, each featuring a plush unicorn topper in vibrant and enchanting colours.

These ballpoint pens are not only cute but also functional. This back to school gift is equipped with a smooth-writing ballpoint tip. Allowing for effortless and precise writing. The ink is available in six different colours, adding a fun and playful element to your notes, doodles, or journal entries.

The plush unicorn toppers are soft and plush, making them a joy to hold and write with. The unicorn design adds a touch of magic and fantasy to your back to school experience. Making these pens a delightful choice for both kids and adults.

With two pens in each set, you'll have a backup or the option to share with a friend. The compact size of these pens makes them easy to carry in your pencil case, purse, or pocket. Ensuring that you always have a colourful and whimsical writing tool on hand.

These 2PCS 6 Colour Fluffy Unicorn Ball-point Pens are not only great for personal use but also make for a charming back to school gift. Whether you're giving them to a unicorn lover, a student, or a coworker. They're sure to bring a smile to their face.

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