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Dear Cece

Bad Boss Revenge Novelty Voodoo Doll

Bad Boss Revenge Novelty Voodoo Doll

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Tired of your boss's endless meetings, unreasonable demands, and impossible deadlines? Enter the Bad Boss Revenge Novelty Voodoo Doll—your new (and totally harmless) way to let off some steam. Perfect for those who need a little comic relief in their workday. This novelty voodoo doll is the ultimate stress-busting companion.

Why You'll Love our Novelty Gift:

  • Hilarious Design: Features a novelty boss like figure with quirky details, perfect for channeling all your work-related frustrations.
  • Pin-Point Accuracy: Comes with a set of pins to help you target those specific annoyances, like "Endless Meetings," "Unrealistic Deadlines," and "Micromanaging Madness."
  • Stress Relief: Poking a few pins into your novelty doll can be surprisingly therapeutic, offering a safe outlet for your work frustrations and helping you stay sane in the craziest of work environments.
  • Desk Decor with a Twist: This little guy makes for a hilarious addition to your desk decor, sure to spark conversations and laughs among your coworkers.
  • Great Gift: The perfect novelty gift for colleagues, friends, or anyone who’s ever had a less-than-ideal boss. Great for office Secret Santa gift exchanges, birthdays, or just because.
  • Harmless Fun: Remember, it’s all in good fun! This novelty voodoo doll is designed for laughs and stress relief, not actual curses or hexes.

Bring a bit of humor and catharsis to your workday with the Bad Boss Revenge Novelty Voodoo Doll. Because sometimes, laughter (and a few well-placed pins) really is the best medicine!


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