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BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Bowl and Spoon

BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Bowl and Spoon

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The BPA-free food-grade silicone bowl and spoon set is a safe and convenient option for feeding your little one. Made from high-quality silicone, this set is free from harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and lead, ensuring the safety of your child's food.

The bowl designed with a wide base and high sides, making it stable and easy to hold. It has a smooth and soft texture that is gentle on your baby's delicate gums and teeth. The food-grade silicone material is also resistant to stains, odours, and bacteria, making it easy to clean and maintain.

The accompanying spoon also made from the same BPA-free silicone material. It has a shallow scoop and a long handle, making it perfect for your baby's small mouth and developing motor skills. The soft and flexible spoon is gentle on your baby's gums and helps prevent any discomfort during feeding.

This bowl and spoon set is not only safe and practical but also versatile. The silicone material is microwave-safe and can withstand high temperatures, allowing you to heat or warm your baby's food directly in the bowl. It is also freezer-safe, making it convenient for storing and serving chilled or frozen foods.

The compact and lightweight design of this set makes it ideal for travel or on-the-go feeding. The bowl and spoon can be easily packed in your diaper bag or purse. Ensuring that you always have a safe and hygienic option for feeding your baby.

Overall, the BPA-free food-grade silicone bowl and spoon set is a reliable and convenient choice for feeding your little one. With its safety features, easy maintenance, and versatility, it provides peace of mind and makes mealtime a breeze.

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