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Dear Cece

Crystal Rainbow Light Suncatcher

Crystal Rainbow Light Suncatcher

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The crystal rainbow light suncatcher is a stunning and enchanting decoration piece. That will fill your space with vibrant colours and sparkling beauty. This suncatcher features a carefully crafted crystal prism that refracts sunlight. Also creating a beautiful display of rainbows that dance around the room.

This beautiful suncatcher is also designed to catch and reflect light. The crystal prism is expertly cut and polished to enhance its light catching properties. Also ensuring that it radiates a dazzling array of colours when exposed to sunlight. Bringing a rainbow of colour to any home space.

Featuring a glass crystal moon in the centre of the prism. Also, glass stars hang from the sun catcher, spreading colours of light throughout the space.

Measuring 45cm, this suncatcher is the perfect size to hang in a window, on a porch, or in any area where it can catch the sunlight. The attached chain or string allows for easy hanging and adds an elegant touch to the overall design.

So experience the magic and beauty of rainbows with the crystal rainbow light suncatcher. Let it fill your space with joy, positivity, and a touch of enchantment.

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