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Glass Globe Whiskey Decanter Ship in a bottle 750ml

Glass Globe Whiskey Decanter Ship in a bottle 750ml

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Introducing our Glass Globe Whiskey Decanter Ship in a bottle 750ml, a beautiful and practical piece that combines the beauty of a whiskey decanter with the charm of a ship in a bottle. This unique decanter is sure to be a conversation starter and a stunning addition to your home bar or dining table.

  • 750ml capacity
  • Allow up to 15 days for delivery
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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ship in a bottle design features a mini glass ship. Delicately placed within a glass globe. The intricate details of the ship, from the masts to the rigging, are beautifully showcased. So to create a mesmerising display as you pour and aerate your favourite wines or whiskeys.

Made from high quality, lead free glass, our whiskey decanter ensures optimal aeration. Allowing your wines to breathe and develop their full flavour and aromas. The wide base of the decanter provides ample surface area. So the whiskey or wine can come into contact with the air, enhancing its taste and bouquet.

The globe design not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves a practical purpose. The sphere shape allows for easy swirling and gentle agitation of the wine, helping to release its aromas and flavour. The narrow neck of the decanter helps to minimise oxidation, preserving the whiskeys freshness and creating a lovely drinking experience.

This whiskey decanter is not only a practical tool. But also a decoration piece that adds a sense of adventure and wander lust to your space. Whether displayed on a bar cart or used as a centre piece, the Glass Globe Whiskey Decanter Ship in a bottle is sure to captivate and impress your guests.

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