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Dear Cece

I'm Listening To My True Crime Podcast Enamel Pin

I'm Listening To My True Crime Podcast Enamel Pin

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Do you find yourself constantly wrapped up in the latest twists and turns of true crime podcasts? Do friends and strangers alike always wonder why you have that far-off, investigative look in your eyes? Let the world know exactly what's on your mind with the "I'm Listening To My True Crime Podcast" Enamel Pin this Halloween!

 🔪 WARNING: May cause unsolicited podcast recommendations and intense discussions about cold cases.

Why You Need This Pin:

  • Sleuth Style: A bold, eye-catching design that screams, "I'm here for the plot twists and forensic facts!"
  • Conversation Starter: Perfect for sparking discussions with fellow true crime aficionados. "Did you hear the latest episode?!" will soon be a regular greeting.
  • High-Quality Construction: Made with durable enamel and a secure backing, this pin will stay with you through every binge-listen.
  • Great for Any Outfit: Whether you're in casual attire or detective chic, this pin is the perfect accessory.
  • Perfect Gift: Ideal halloween gift for the true crime fan in your life who’s always ready to discuss the latest theories.
  • Size Matters: Compact yet noticeable – just like a crucial clue at a crime scene.

Attach it to your jacket, backpack, or lanyard and wear your true crime obsession with pride. With this pin, you'll always be in the loop, even if you're just silently analyzing the latest case in your head. Just don’t be surprised if people start asking for your expert opinion on unsolved mysteries!

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