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Dear Cece

True Crime Junkie Tarot Card Print T-shirt

True Crime Junkie Tarot Card Print T-shirt

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Are you a true crime junkie with a mystical side? Then you're in luck because our True Crime Junkie Tarot Card Print T-shirt is here. To add some murderously magical vibes to your wardrobe! 🃏💀


  • Murderous Mystique: Each shirt features a captivating tarot card print with a true crime twist. From "The Serial Killer" to "The Cold Case Detective." This tee is sure to pique the interest of fellow sleuths and psychics alike.
  • Comfy & Cool: Made from soft, breathable fabric, this shirt keeps you comfortable during your true crime binges or late-night stakeouts.
  • Conversation Starter: Whether you're at a crime scene or a coffee shop. This shirt bound to spark intriguing conversations. Just be prepared for some killer debates about favorite documentaries and unsolved cases!
  • Unisex Fit: Available in a range of sizes to fit every body type, because true crime appreciation knows no gender.
  • Durable Design: Printed with high-quality, long-lasting ink, so you can wear your obsession with pride without worrying about fading or cracking.

So embrace your inner detective and show off your love for all things true crime and tarot with our True Crime Junkie Tarot Card Print T-shirt. It's the perfect blend of mystery, murder, and fashion-forward flair. Get yours today and let your wardrobe do the talking. Just don't be surprised if it starts a few investigations along the way!

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